Come and join in the FREE fun on 14th July 2012 at Much Wenlock


Cartoon - tilter

Events from 10.30am - 5.30pm Saturday 14th July 2012.
All events are FREE to attend.

The streets of Much Wenlock will be lined with stalls, and the street entertainment will run throughout the day. With lots of children’s entertainment, there is something here in Much Wenlock for all the family.

Download a map of the event locations here

Entertainment includes:

Main Field

10:30-11:15 Abraham Darby Showband
11:30-12:00 Birds of Prey display
12:20-12:50 Abraham Darby Jazz band
1:10-1:40 Working Dog Display
2:00-2-15 Victorian Fitness routine
2:15-3:25 Re-enactments of Victorian sports
3:45-4:10 Working dogs display
4:20-4:50 Birds of Prey display
5:05-5:30 Maypole dancing

Church Green

10:45-11:00 Play on Dr Brookes 1
11:20-12:15 Kate Lefroy (soloist)
12:30-12:50 Telfordairs Choir
1:05-1:30 Songs from Oliver Twist
1:40-1:55 Play on Dr Brookes 1
2:15-2:25 Dance encompass
2:40-2-55 Jitterbugs
3:05-3:20 Play on Dr Brookes 1
3:30-3:40Dance Encompass
4:00-4:30 Vamos theatre “Much ado about Wenlock”
4:50- 5:20 Dance


10:30-11-30 Porthywaen Silver Band
12:00-1:00 New Driftwood band
1:20-1:40 Telfordairs choir
2:05-3:05 Thomson Oldeman band
3:25-3:50 Thomas Telford Choir
4:15-5:15 Tap the Keg folk band

Priory Hall

10:30-11:15 Crooked Steeple Clog Dancing
11:15-11:30 Play on Dr Brookes 2
11:30-1:30 Crooked Steeple Clog Dancing
1:45-3:30 Ironmen Morris Dancing
2:10-2:25 Play on Dr Brookes 2
3:35-3:50 Play on Dr Brookes 2
4:00-5:30 Ironmen Morris Dancing

Outside Dr Brookes house

11:45-12:00 Play on Dr Brookes 3
2:40-2:55 Play on Dr Brookes 3
4:10-4:25 Play on Dr Brookes 3

Children’s entertainment on field

11:00-11:30 Punch and Judy show
12:30-1:00 Magic Show
1:30-1:50 Story telling
2:30-3:00 Punch and Judy
3:30-3:50 Story telling
4:30-5:00 Magic Show


11:00 Mock Trial in the style of Dr Brookes
1:00 Mock Trial in the style of Dr Brookes
3:00 Mock Trial in the style of Dr Brookes

Wenlock Olympian Games

The celebration is being held during the annual Wenlock Olympian Games and is supported by Wenlock Olympian Society. To find out more about William Penny Brookes and the Wenlock Olympian Games visit

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